Finally, a machine that gives you the 5-axis advantage you need at an economical price. The VMX10U combines the efficient design of the popular VM Series with the advanced 5-axis technology only available with the integrated Hurco control. Efficient design yields a machining center with a compact footprint and an extraordinarily large work cube. Our advanced 5-axis technology simplifies production of complex multi-sided parts. And the VMX10U is designed to be a true 5-axis, unlike many competitive models that simply attach
a trunnion table to a 3-axis machine.

High capacity table rotates faster and handles more weight.

Intuitive 5-sided conversational programming requires only one part setup.

The integrated trunnion table provides exceptional part clearances and larger part capacity.

Integrated Hurco control powered by WinMax® software has 5-axis features that simplify complexity.

5-Axis Machining Center Specifications

X, Y, Z Axis Travel, inches (mm)

21 x 16 x 19 (533 x 406 x 483)

Table Size, inches (mm)

Ø 7.8 (Ø 198)

Max Weight On Table, lbs (Kg)

330 (150)

Max Part Diameter, inches (mm)

12.6 (320)

Peak Spindle Motor, hp (Kw)

12 (9)

Max Spindle Motor Torque, ft lbs @ rpm (Nm @ rpm)

10K    42 (57) @ 1,500

Rapid Traverse X / Y / Z Axis, inches (M / min)

945 (24)


20 CAT (BT) 40

Positioning, inches (mm)

±0.0002 (0.005)

Repeatability, inches (mm)

±0.0001 (0.0025)

Machine Weight, lbs (Kg

6,550 (2,977)